About Hide Distribution Ltd

Hide Distribution Limited is the official UK distributor of Hidesign. We were given a license by Hidesign India to distribute Hidesign in the UK. Fabian Lintott the Managing director of Hide Distribution has been working with Hidesign since 2008 and has a deep understanding of the brand and the leathers.

Fabian has been privileged to have been working directly with Dilip Kapur for many of these years and has enjoyed multiple trips to Pondicherry to visit the factory. At Hide Distribution we believe in the same values as Hidesign. Products should be crafted not rushed. Materials should be top quality and not at the cost of the environment we live in. Hidesign bags are well constructed and should last a lifetime. The beauty of our leather is that it improves with age.

“I love working with and designing leather goods. There is a warmth in leather that you don’t get from other materials. The hand feel of top quality leather is second to none. If you want a bag that will perform year on year, and never go out of fashion then a Hidesign bag is for you.”

We run Hidesign UK from an office in Hertfordshire with a warehouse set in the fields of Great Dunmow. If you need any help or have any queries about your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on Hidesign@hidedistribution.co.uk

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