Our Green Story

The Green story is an environmental project of Hidesign in collaboration with Joss Brooks. Joss’ love of nature has been a constant source of inspiration to Hidesign with his successful experience in restoring the Adyar Creek in Chennai and over 30 years of work conserving the Pitchandikulam forests in Auroville, For this project, we are working with Joss and his team to expand the forests near our atelier and conserve traditional medicinal plants.

Hidesign shares its love for nature with Joss and communicates this with a series of three stories – afforestation, medicinal plants, and wildlife in it’s packaging. Our new paper bags and cloth bags communicate these stories and we have written a lot about the beauty of wildlife in the Hidesign Diary 2016. Some of the money from the proceeds will be going towards Joss and his team to help them conserve indigenous forests.

We use only vegetable extracts for tanning as far as possible. All waste water from the tannery is filtered using RO before it is let out. All waste water in the atelier goes through a natural process of filtration in the water bodies we’ve built as a part of the landscaping and is reused.All waste material is separated and reused or sold for reuse. We do not burn anything. For us the concern for ecology is an ongoing search for better healthier ways to live and work. It comes out of believing in it and making it a core value.

Hidesign established its first custom designed atelier in Pondicherry, India in 1990. This important milestone confirms our commitment to innovation, technical excellence and local community development. The premises where we work reflects our brand values – our atelier is constructed from bricks made of local earth and fired in kilns that were made on the premises, by Ray Meeker, the well-known low cost ecological building expert.

Our campus is perfectly located amidst green meadows, duck ponds, waterfalls and other wild trees. Lunch time at Hidesign is pretty much outdoors, under the trees, sitting on rock benches and tables. Our atelier is a reflection of our brand and inspires our design and way of life.